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Suburb in Southeast Calgary.

Calgary South East is a dynamic and rapidly growing zone that seamlessly blends urban amenities with natural beauty. Comprising neighborhoods like McKenzie Towne, Auburn Bay, and Mahogany, this area offers a diverse range of housing options, from modern condominiums to spacious single-family homes. The zone is characterized by its numerous parks, lakes, and green spaces, providing residents with ample opportunities for outdoor activities and recreation. The iconic Fish Creek Provincial Park, one of North America's largest urban parks, extends into the southeast, offering trails, wildlife, and serene landscapes. Calgary South East is also home to Seton, a major commercial and healthcare hub, providing shopping, dining, and medical facilities. With its family-friendly atmosphere, proximity to schools, and a variety of community events, Calgary South East continues to attract residents seeking a balanced and vibrant lifestyle within the city.

Calgary South East Boundaries

Calgary South East is depicted in yellow in the clickable map above along with the communities that comprise it. Calgary South East borders on three zones. It is bounded on the north by Calgary East, on the north west by Calgary City Center and on the west by Calgary South.

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Calgary South East Real Estate Market Trend

Below is a summary of Calgary South East recent real estate sales activity for all property types including detached, semi-detached, row and apartment. The four graphs include the "Time to Sell", "Odds of Selling", "Buying Pattern" and "Sold Price vs Finished Square Feet Scattergram".

All Property Types - 2024-03-31

Time to Sell

Time to Sell Graph.

The "Time to Sell" graph showcases properties sold over the previous 12 months with their days on the market and sold prices.


  • Quick Market Movement for Mid-Range Properties: The average days on market being relatively low (22.71 days) indicate a strong demand for properties priced between $400,000 and $1,000,000, suggesting these properties are both desirable and accessible to a significant portion of buyers.
  • Price Elasticity in the Mid-Range Market: The tight clustering of properties with a broad range of sold prices (from $400,000 to $1,000,000) but a relatively narrow range of days on market (0 to 60 days) suggests a price-elastic segment of the market. Buyers in this segment are flexible and responsive to the pricing within this range.
  • Seller's Market Dynamics: The combination of a quick average time to sell (22.71 days) and a wide range of acceptable prices indicates a seller's market, especially within the defined price and time parameters.

Odds of Selling

Odds of Selling Graph.

The "Odds of Selling" graph displays the number of listings across four categories for the previous 12-month period. The graph includes the number of properties in each category and shows the calculated Odds of Selling, Monthly Selling Rate, and Months of Inventory.


  • High Likelihood of Selling: With an 84.25% odds of selling, sellers in this market enjoy a very high likelihood that their property will sell. This high percentage points towards a strong demand relative to supply.
  • Rapid Market Pace: The monthly selling rate of nearly 295 listings, combined with only 0.57 months of inventory available, underscores the rapid pace of the market. This indicates that new listings are being absorbed quickly, often faster than new listings can come to market. For buyers, this means they need to be ready to make quick decisions and have their financing in order. Sellers can leverage this pace to possibly achieve favorable sale terms, including higher selling prices or fewer concessions.
  • Seller's Market Dynamics:The metrics strongly indicate a seller's market. A seller's market is characterized by low inventory, high demand, and conditions that generally favor sellers, such as higher selling prices and faster sales.

Buying Pattern

Buying Pattern Graph.

The "Buying Pattern" graph, showcase the number of homes sold in each of the previous 12 months. The six months with the highest sales are highlighted in red, with the number of homes sold displayed at the top of each bar.


  • Peak Buying Season in Late Spring to Early Summer: The highest number of sales occurring in May indicates that late spring to early summer is the peak buying season. This trend is consistent with real estate market behavior, where warmer months tend to see increased activity.
  • Sustained Interest Through Summer: The sustained high numbers from April through August, with a slight dip in July, suggest a consistent interest in property buying through the entire summer.
  • Pre-Summer Preparation Likely Drives March Sales: The notable sales in March (340) could indicate a trend of buyers getting ahead of the competition by starting their search early in the year. This might be driven by the desire to secure a purchase before the peak season's competition heats up.

Sold Price vs Finished Square Feet Scattergram

Pricing Scattergram Graph.

The "Sold Price vs Finished Square Feet Scattergram" graph highlights properties sold over the previous 3-month period. A trend line in red indicates the fair market value. To estimate a homes value, draw a vertical line up from the square footage to where it intersects the trend line.


  • Consistent Value up to a Point The tight clustering of properties on both sides of the trend line for sizes up to 2500 square feet suggests a consistent value perception among buyers for properties within this range.
  • Diminishing Returns for Larger Properties: The observation that properties larger than 2500 square feet are tightly clustered below the trend line suggests a point of diminishing returns. While larger properties are generally more expensive, the incremental value per square foot decreases beyond this size.
  • Market Variability for High-End, Large Properties: The loose clustering of properties above the trend line for those larger than 2500 square feet indicates greater variability in the sold prices of larger, possibly luxury, properties. This variability could be attributed to unique features, amenities, or locations that significantly impact the value of these homes beyond their size alone.

Calgary South East Real Estate Statistics and Homes for Sale

Below are the listing statistics for homes in Calgary South East. To see all homes for sale, click the "Total" link under "CAL Zone SE Listings Summary".

Cal Zone Se Listings Summary

Cal Zone Se - Town vs. Region Stats

Avg Price in Cal Zone Se: $733,100 / Region Avg $806,700


Avg Sq. Ft. in Cal Zone Se: 1,650 / Region Avg 1,552


Avg Price per/sqft in Cal Zone Se:$444 / Region Avg $520


Avg Walkscore in Cal Zone Se: 51 / Region Avg 62


Avg Year Built in Cal Zone Se: 2010 / Region Avg 1998


Avg Days on Website in Cal Zone Se: 28 / Region Avg 29


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