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The community of Red Carpet lies in the Calgary East Zone which is located in the east area of the city. Red Carpet is one of over 8 communities in that zone.

Community Description

The Red Carpet Wikipedia describes the community, giving details such as the origins and history.

Community Demographics

The City of Calgary Red Carpet Demographics contains information on population, language, housing, family mobility status, education, income and employment. Clicking on the link downloads the demographics.

Community Amenities

The City of Calgary MyCalgaryServices Map contains information on parks and playgrounds, recreation centres, sports facilities, public safety stations, schools, libraries and transit. Clicking on the link brings up the services/amenities map. On the top right, click on the layers list(three diamonds on top of one another) and select the "Communities" layer. This puts visible borders around all communities. Enter "Red Carpet" in the "Find address or place" search field at the top left, press return and you will be pinpointed to a location inside that community. Select the desired amenities from the layers list to see them displayed on the map. Click on the mapped amenity to see its details.

Red Carpet Real Estate Statistics and Homes for Sale

Below are the listing statistics for homes in Red Carpet. To see all homes for sale, click the "Total" link under "Red Carpet Listings Summary".

Red Carpet Listings Summary

Red Carpet - Town vs. Region Stats

Avg Year Built in Red Carpet: 1990 / Region Avg 1999


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